Corvettes in the Blood

Gary and his sister, Mari Jo Drago live and breathe autos. Gary has been around cars and turning wrenches since he was ten years old. Mari Jo can look at a parts list and tell you that you have parts for both a small block and a big block engine – why is that? Mari Jo can help make sure you have the correct parts to get the job done. They know their stuff.
Bring your vehicle to Drago’s for repair with confidence. Gary and his technicians are trained and certified by both Bosch and AC Delco. As an AC Delco Authorized Service Center they have the knowledge and tools to get the job done right. It is more than the training and tools though, it is an attitude best summed up by Gary…

“All cars are treated like Corvettes; with care, love and dignity,” says Gary.

The clientele at Drago’s Corvettes is more than the 50+ male with a vintage muscle car, but that is a big part of the business. You will find people from all walks of life with all makes and models that have a respect for their vehicle and trust Drago’s to make the proper repairs – the first time.

If you have a vehicle that needs some TLC, or upgrade, look to Drago’s to get the job done right with quality parts.

Mari Jo is the Corvette parts and accessories expert. The running joke is that Mari Jo should start a 900 line for Corvette owners to get the low down on what and where to buy parts. Truth is, Mari Jo helps save customers thousands in bad decisions when restoring or modifying a Corvette. IF there is a quality part out there, Mari Jo knows about it, and it goes the other way around too. Better to call Mari Jo and let her order what you are looking for, even if it costs you a couple dollars more. You will be farther ahead in the long run!

To reach Drago’s by phone for service, call 810-233-0341; for parts and accessories call 810-234-4677.

To get directions, visit the Contact page.